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It’s time for the 2 best fillers steroids in the world to go head to head…

Anadrol against Dbol, which one will prevail?

Dianabol (Dbol)

Dianabol ( methandrostenolone ), nicknamed “Grandpa steroids” for a reason… it’s pretty easy tearing.

Muscle mass and strength gains are incredible on d-bol, so Arnold took his modern day bodybuilders continue to take this powerful steroid.

… Hell, even gym rats around the globe are taking dianabol. This is probably the most common filler steroid testosterone.


Bodybuilders who know a thing or two about steroids have also heard about Anadrol, otherwise known as  oxymetholone .

Anadrol is the largest competitor may Dianabol when it comes to packing on size and weight.

Anadrol Effects are almost identical Dianabol; Huge gains strength and the ability to build muscle fast.

As a rough guide, you can expect to gain 20-40lbs  when taking Dianabol or Anadrol for the first time.

Dianabol against Anadrol: What is the difference?

The main difference between these two compounds that Anadrol is more rigid and therefore, a steroid comes with more side effects. In fact, Anadrol is one of the worst of steroids, when it comes to side effects, and you will find many people who have used it; Do not loop it over or just use it sparingly.

The rare few guys who get along well with Anadrol lucky motherfuc * and because Anadrol can give you incredible benefits and probably the biggest anabolic mass pure.

However Anadrol, are generally more toxic to the liver, causing more water retention and drops in blood pressure is greater than dianabol becomes.

Since Anadrol causes more water retention, you can look a little more fully than with taking Dianabol; but you will also look more bloated and puffy, too.

As you can see from the comparison photos between Phil Heath and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil has more muscle fullness; but Arnie looks much more aesthetic, because – the smaller waistline and a more defined muscles.

… What would show even without the epic lighting in the picture Arnie.

Verdict: What is the best steroid Mixing?

When determining what a steroid is better of the two, it is difficult to say, because the answer is subjective.

For example, the guy wants to pack on as much size as possible in the off-season and does not care about finding “aesthetic” or not, and tolerant A-Drol good enough – can choose to Anadrol.

However, one wants to minimize the side effects of the cycle and does not want to look super inflated will most likely choose to dianabol.

Oral Dianabol is also suitable for beginners to take, while Anadrol not out – the fact that it is a toxic compound.

Anadrol is a steroid you start experimenting with the time you juicehead, needle injection veteran… not some skinny guy who did not even know that bodybuilding was not a few years ago.

Most people prefer to Dianabol Anadrol, because the pros largely outweigh the cons, but all have different goals, and each responds differently to each steroid.

One thing that all bodybuilders can agree that these 2 extremely potent steroids and should be used with caution, as the abuse of such compounds (without rest) will only lead to major health problems.